The Convolution Research Team

Convolution Research launched in 2012 as a solo consulting and entrepreneurial venture, and so far it still consists of just one person but with a solid list of contacts in various industries. But don’t think that this is a limitation.

A small team is great for technology development where high levels of agility and low levels of overhead are quite important. Current and potential Convolution Research team members are generalists across many areas of science and engineering, and specialists in a few. They thrive when faced with an impossible problem.

Let's meet our people—well, person for now.


There are currently no official openings at Convolution Research. But if you’re the right person, you don't need an official opening, now do you?

Greg Ingersoll

Greg is the founder of Convolution Research, and he brings to bear a broad skill set with deep expertise in several areas. He has over 12 years of product development experience encompassing electronics design and integration; embedded and application software engineering; optical systems design and integration; digital signal processing; audio, image, and video processing; requirements and test management; and project management. (And web and database development, including designing and coding this site.)

Greg’s academic background includes undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering with a Physics minor from the University of Minnesota, and ongoing Ph.D. research at the U of M in laser physics applying volume holography to beam-combining systems.

Greg holds one patent and has presented at conferences including TI DevCon and SPIE Photonics West. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Minnesota.

Greg Ingersoll