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Pushing boundaries

At Convolution Research, we push the envelope of technology and cross traditional lines between engineering disciplines leading to more cohesive solutions in less time.

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Balancing act

Fundamental science and solid engineering with specialist highlights in harmony with your budget and schedule. How Convolution Research composes solutions.

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Blending ideas

Merging technologies, combining disciplines, mixing technology research with product engineering: the Convolution Research path to efficient solutions and a better world.

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Evolution. Revolution. Convolution.

Convolution Research builds on time-honored science with modern tools and techniques to power the development of revolutionary new technologies and applications.

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  • Need a Solution?

    Problems come up every day when developing new technologies and products that do not have obvious solutions, and viable solutions often span disciplines or exist outside of your team’s primary focus. Without a both a broad view and a specialty focus, issues quickly can turn into impossible problems.

    At Convolution Research, we have expertise in many areas of the sciences, fundamental research, and engineering where you often do not have a specialist. We are your team’s specialists, working to efficiently find elegant solutions and to keep your team members doing what they do best.

    And bringing to bear a legacy of product development, we apply principles of system-level design; design for test and manufacturing; project management; and efficient documentation methods along with our technical expertise and agility to help your team do things even better and faster.

    We solve impossible problems every day, so contact us now to discuss yours.

    Impossible Problems. Solved.

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